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You won't believe your eyes ... I know Guy didn't when he first met TASHA !
TASHA is one of those rare finds that EVERY photographer dreams will one day walk into his or her world of photography. It happened ... TASHA called Guy one day and said "Let's shoot". The rest is history - and history is still in the making !
Guy and TASHA are planning several more shoots and you will see all the results here. Check back often, you won't be sorry !

Guy's remarks:
"What can you say about TASHA ... well for starters she is six feet tall, a very dynamic talent in front of the camera, and can deliver rapid fires looks that are hard to keep up with on film. Every look, every move deserves to be recorded. Our first session lasted five hours, took us to five locations and resulted in over 450 images. The only problem was - and still is - picking just a few for the portfolios ! A problem I and most models love to have. Wait until you see the next pages here - I think you will agree with me."

If interested in booking TASHA, contact us and we will hook you up with her.
More of TASHA ...
"Well, here it is, I promised more of TASHA and I deliver! TASHA has some of the greatest looks that work so well with the camera. I recently attended a fashion show the TASHA participated in and all I can say is that she dominated he stage. She has the ability to shift gears seamlessly - on stage and in front of cameras. She has attitude ... and attitude along with talent and looks is what the fashion business is all about. Between photo set ups, TASHA has the greatest of attitudes: she is easy to work with, fun to collaborate with and makes any shooter's assignment a breeze.
There will be more of TASHA on this page as soon as we agree on the images and design to present it to you. Stop back often."
Even more of TASHA ...
"TASHA never ceases to amaze me. Every time I look at the results of our first shoot together ... I keep finding more and more of the great looks that she threw at the camera. What is worse, is that we have another shoot planned right after the holidays making the task of limiting the shots we pull for use a heartbreak. There are so many that I would like to use, but space dosen't allow. We'll keep modifying these pages and our books so that we will get them all out in the public eye.
Keep yourself right here for the next pages of TASHA and some new faces to be released very soon."
We have more of TASHA !
"Well, we think we are almost finished with our first edits and pulls from the session with TASHA. Just when we think we got the best of the best, someone looks over our shoulder and says, ' I kinda like this shot of TASHA ...'. Then we find ourselves reviewing the selections once again. Will it ever end? Afterall, we can always modify the selections whenever the mood hits us, right?
We hope you are enjoying looking at these pictures of TASHA as much as we did creating them. There is still a few more sessions to show."