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CHERISE ... our latest collaboration with a really great talent, not only in front of a lens, but behind-the-scenes as well. CHERISE has been styling many of the upcoming talent and now she steps before the camera ... you have to admit she works the camera to her advantage.

There will be more with CHERISE in the weeks to come, so check back and check her out.

There is more of CHERISE on the way ... soon.

ERICA is a truly nice face to photograph. She has a great personality and can deliver the looks to the camera on demand. This is a plus for any model. Being able to be different from shot to shot makes the talent a more valuable commodity in this industry.

Here's VICKY. Guy had the opportunity to see VICKY at a local fashion show in Atlanta. After a few phone calls and a meeting, they were shooting their first session together. Here is but a very small sampling of the results of that session. There is more of VICKY in the weeks to come. Try not to miss the updates.